About us

NC Lab is an entrepreneurial French company, founded in 2012 by Nicolas Castan.
With a decade of experience behind him, Nicolas decided to build a firm that took the time to match the customer’s needs with company expertise to create innovative and elegant solutions.

NC Lab

A well-versed team.

NC Lab


Graphic design

we can design your website, your advertising documents and even your logo.

Technical assistance for events

we can manage the IT, AV, and logistics in a creative and cost-effective way.
Our activities consist of analyzing the project requirements and solving potential problems before they can occur by using the appropriate new technologies available.


The conference management software.
NC Lab has develop a web-software for their customers needs, to management complex events, with a participant APP, also a dynamic signage. For more informations please visit www.conflr.com

A projet ?

Whether you have an upcoming project, or if you just want to drop in for a cup of coffee, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message via email, call, or send a carrier pigeon.

Our Customers

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44 rue Jasmin
81370 St Sulpice


+336 17 90 85 87

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